Research Seminar


Oct 13, 2023

Research Seminar

KIMAP Research Seminar

Date and Time

Wednesday, Novermber 1st
2:00pm-3:00pm(Seminar), 3:00pm-4:00pm(Research Chat)


Reflections on doing, judging and celebrating qualitative research


Prof. Dr. Alex Wright
(Entrepreneurship, strategy and innovation department, Audencia Business School)


Room 208 (Main Building 2F, Rokkodai 1st Campus)

About the Speaker

Professor Alex Wright holds a Ph.D. from Nottingham University and was a senior lecturer position at the University of Sheffield before taking up his current position at the Audencia Business School, France in 2022. His research interest is at the intersection of strategy and organization theory, with a specific focus on the production, performance, judgment, and practice of organizational strategies. He has published extensively in the very top management journals of the field such as Academy of Management Learning and Education, Organization Studies, Management Learning, Organization, and Journal of Management Inquiry.

Seminar Highlights

In this seminar, Professor Wright will provide some reflection on the qualitative studies. He is interested in how undergraduate, graduate and doctoral learning and teaching are accomplished, organizational theory, qualitative research methodologies, judgment and philosophy. Following the seminar, graduate students have the exclusive opportunity to engage directly with Professor Wright in interactive sessions, gaining valuable research insights firsthand.

Who Should Attend

This seminar is open to faculty members and students of the Graduate School of Business Administration who are interested in qualitative research methods. Members from other graduate schools are also welcome to join us for a profound discussion.


If you’re keen on an in-person interaction, kindly express your interest by October 31st. Please note that due to high demand, a limited number of slots will be allocated. Priority will be given to those who register early.

Contact Information

Yiting Weng (Assistant Professor, Kobe University)